News #005

The difficulty in finding containers continues and freight rates continue to increase. The availability of empty containers makes the position of producers of raw materials and PET even more difficult both for the impossibility of shipping on time and for the possibility of finding the adequate number of containers to allow constant production.
The key to Q4 will be to have suppliers in the vicinity who can avoid the use of containers as much as possible.

The whole industry of polymers and raw materials that can be transported in bags has for some time been looking for alternative logistics solutions such as “break bulk”, this has contributed significantly to the increase in agri-food commodities that have seen themselves as spectators of the container crisis.

Raw materials are fairly stable, even if oil fluctuates, the key to understanding is the supply/demand that still cannot settle down due to supply problems.

The recent FM of Indorama Brazil has an important impact not only in LATAM but also in Europe thanks to the switch of some productions to cope with the current emergency.

Demand in Europe is struggling to take off, while there are good prospects for South America.