News #004

With regard to the supply of PET in the world, due to the continuous inconvenience of logistics, the operational rate of producers has decreased: cargoes from Asia are becoming increasingly rare and super expensive. Furthermore, there is a lack of supply of raw materials to producers around the world.
The situation is also aggravating with some declared greater forces of some TPA producers, which further compromise the supply.

As for the demand after the opening in the world of catering and HORECA in general, the demand seems to have exploded. Obviously it depends on the regions, since in some of them, the weather conditions have not favored the boom that we expected, so the demand remains good but not to the point of covering the losses of the previous months, where above all in Europe they have decreed a may really very low.
As for the sale of mineral water in Europe, having experienced a good June and July, we therefore also expect a good August.
As for raw materials, we do not notice any major leaps forward, there has been no reduction in PX following the descent of oil and the situation remains critical due to logistics.

It is news yesterday, in addition to the current problems, that the shipping companies are also starting to increase the costs of THC which will account for 2 usd /mt of increase for all buyers. Regarding eu protection policies apparently there is an highly possibility that will be removed from certain countries the Gsp.
We will follow up.