News #015

Crude oil: although oil currently stands at around $ 100, all analysts’ expectations are for a strong uptrend, already for April.
This could strongly affect raw materials and logistics and is the reason why, although there was a recently 20% drop in oil, the price of the polymer did not fall as well as gasoline…

Energy Cost: The European energy-consuming industry is on its knees facing a tripled increase in energy costs. This could lead to a shortage of material due to a reduction in production because the market cannot absorb the total costs. Some converters and recyclers have already shut down their plants during peaks in energy costs; some customers, bottlers, who were going to pay one million euros a month for energy find themselves paying more than three million euros per month , all this is unsustainable and risks causing severe chaos on the market with summer just around the corner .

The exchange rate fluctuates a lot and has become unpredictable with very rapid appreciation and depreciation of the dollar and the euro.
This brings noticeable changes in the various international trades.

Material continues to be in short supply and warehouses are only covered for a month and a half, so the market will be demanding a lot of material shortly and will have to accept price increases over Q1 even in the order of 15%.

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