News #007

European producers have received many requests from converters but above all from sheet producers, the reasons for this increase in demand are essentially due to two main reasons.
The first derives from the fear of running out of material due to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in place and in Europe and the limited availability of some plants outside Europe due to a very low operational rate and the users are interested in starting a small preying.
The second reason for the surge in requests is driven by the high cost of feedstock for the production of Rpet, in fact the bottles have reached incredible levels that do not allow sheet producers to be competitive with the market.

As for the imported material, logistics remains the key to the success of the producers, but at this precise moment the biggest advantage falls on the Turkish producers and in Indorama Egypt who with about 40-60 Euro / mt are able to ship the goods that arrives in europe in no time but now they are almost sold out. Korea, on the other hand, is following the wave of sales in the United States with very attractive prices for South Korean producers who take advantage of a negligible duty and a very high domestic price. Vietnam and China are slow due to the non-competitiveness of freight rates.