News #002

The plastics industry is under attack in Europe, this is a fact and no one has protected our industry. There is great uncertainty about the two measures that will contribute to radically change the PET business and they are:
1. the use of recycled material in beverages
2. the application of the plastic tax

The trend is clear for recycled pastica, we will have to live with the problem of finding 1 million tons of Rpet for the European market. Currently the recycling system is unable to sustain such a high demand but we are convinced that in the next few years the situation will normalize. In addition to the issue of availability, we are already witnessing the second big problem: the price. We are close to paying twice as much as the pet verigne market and all this slows down the industry that is currently displaced and above all with the brake for any projects related to the use of recycled materials.

The unknown factor of the plastic tax echoes in every webminar or conference call we have had with our customers in recent weeks.
Each country will start to apply the tax and industry will have to face additional administrative costs linked to the complex management of the procedures that will be in place. The amounts will be important and consequently also the obligations of the users and the controls will be consequently.